Tutorial Projects

1. Chat Application

Chat Application

Make a simple live chat application.

When practicing network programming, most of them start from creating live chat application. We'll also follow the custom. The first tutorial project Chat Application is very easy and simple. There is only a chat room on the server and all participants are paritipated in there.

2. Othello Game

Make an online Othello game.

However, we'll not create a simple game only can play an Othello game. The difficulty would be higher than previous lesson 1. Chat Application, so multiple game rooms would be existed. People can participate in each room as a game player or observer watching players' game. Also, partipants in each room can conversate with each other.

  • Multiple Games Rooms
    • Can join as a game player
    • Can participate as observer
    • Can conversate with each other

3. Grid Market


Create an online Market which intermediates computing resources for Grid Computing. Also, creates participants of the Market, Consumer and Supplier who can trade the computing powers. At last, makes the Monitor who can observe all of transactions occured in the Market.

Of course, this is a tutorial project for helping you. Therefore, the Market does not require real monetary. However, sharing computing resources are not fake but real. All of the interactions between Market, Consumer nad Supplier would be real things.

  • Market: An intermediary market where you can trade computing resources.
  • Consumer: Purchases and use the computating power from the Supplier.
  • Supplier: Provides its computing resource to Consumer.
  • Monitor: Observe all of the transactions in the Market.

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